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To check your PNR status of ticket that is booked through Indian railway counters or PNR status of E-Ticket booked through IRCTC becomes very easy. Simply provide your 10 digits PNR (Passenger Name Record) number in box below and click on PNR Enquiry button.

Where to Find PNR Number?

PNR number is printed on top left corner of every reserved ticket.

What is PNR Number?

Computer reservation system keeps record of passengers travelling on a ticket in its data base. Passenger Name record is called PNR having 10 digit number in Indian Railway Passengers reservation system. These records include:
PNR Number, Name of Passenger/Passengers, Age, Gender, Number of Passengers, Telephone number, Address, Train number, Class of Travel, coach number, seat/berth number and status of ticket i.e. confirmed, RAC or wait listed. There are other legends of PNR status.

Legends of PNR Status

Meaning of codes printed on ticket under status. You will find many codes under heading status. These codes are:

CAN/MODCancelled or Modified
CNF/ConfirmedConfirmed (Coach and berth numbers are assigned after chart preparation)
CKTicket Booked in Tatkal quota
CKWLTatkal waiting list (It is different from normal waiting list. If normal waiting position improved passenger get RAC category, whereas a passenger gets confirmed berth when a position CKWL status improved)
RACReservation against Cancellation
WL#Ticket is of Waiting List
RLWLRemote Location Wait List
GNWLGeneral Wait List without any quota
PQWLPooled Quota Wait List
REGRET/WLNo more booking is permitted for reservation
RELEASEDAlternative accommodation provided but Ticket not cancelled
R # #RAC coach number and berth number

Brief about Train ticket Status :

Anyone willing to travel through train with reservation of seat in Indian railways can book their seat / berth in advance. Currently reservation can be made before 90 days. After booking ticket, E-ticket or I- ticket itinerary (Ticket) will show confirmed status. If ticket booked without confirmed status, it will show waiting status (WL) or Reservation against cancellation status (RAC).

Now if you have a RAC status ticket, it means you have to share your seat with someone else till your ticket will not be confirmed due to cancellation of some confirmed tickets or RAC tickets. RAC ticket holders get seat in trains on two side chairs. Once RAC ticket of a passenger get confirmed ticket status, both passengers get berth.

Ticket status of passenger showing wait list (WL) will not get accommodation in train. However, wait list ticket passenger can enter in any coach of same class. These passengers will not get any accommodation until there is cancellation of confirmed tickets or RAC tickets. Wait listing ticket passengers will be upgraded to RAC status or Confirmed status according to seat availability after cancellation of sufficient number of RAC and confirmed tickets. If there is no possibility of even waiting ticket booking, REGRET status will be shown during booking.

Sometimes passengers get confused about two numbers showing in ticket status like WL18/W15, WL14/RAC8. Fist number indicates status of ticket at time of booking where second number is showing current status of reserved ticket. In fist number WL18/W15, PNR status at time of booking was wait list 20. However in second number WL14/RAC8, some tickets are cancelled and position moves from waiting list 15 to RAC8. Current PNR status can be checked any time after ticket booking to know PNR status.

Different ways to check PNR status train

Earlier it was not so easy to check PNR status but today it can be checked through various means.

Checking of PNR status through SMS

Passenger can check their PNR status using mobile phones. They need to send SMS on numbers provided by IRCTC to check their Train PNR Status. Charges of SMS will vary depending on your mobile operator.

  1. Send Sms PNR <10-digit PNR No.> to 54959. Enter your 10 digit PNR number and send it to 54959.
  2. Send Sms PNR to 5676747 e.g. PNR 123xxxxxxx or you can also check by only sending 10 digit number e.g 123XXXXXXX.
  3. Send Sms IRPNR <10-digit PNR No.> to 57886 for Status of PNR e.g. IRPNR 123XXXXXXX

Checking of PNR status through Phone call

Call toll free number 139. It is IVRS system and passengers need to follow instruction to get their ticket status.

Checking of PNR status through Smart Phones (I-phone, Android)

There several free applications for android or I-phone. You can download any application on your android enabled smart phone or to I-phone to check PNR status.

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